Chained…Kasie takes Control!



Chained and paddle locked arms behind hi back. Why? Just because you are full of , and I am in control! Headlocked him to prove her point. Steve actually tries to talk , bull shit! Who would do such, in the position he is in, hes just crazy!Figured 4, scissored and squeezed, moaning for breath, Kasie tightens that Figure 4 and crams his face way up her ass, right where you belong.Sits on his face belly punches and slaps his ass, Kasie enjoys toying with Steve, because she can. Camel clutch with a hand smother. Sits on his head to a figure 4 or whatever I chose for I am in control. He taps with his foot finally. Ooouu a leg lock, head lock, Grape vine and boob smothered its all good shit. Bullshit Steve mumbles, You can crawl out of here if you can for I am gone


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