Female Muscle Domination on a small little snotty girl



Watch Amazon Kasie dominate little Michelle in the cage, first time for both of them together, and boy oh boy do they connect. Actually Kasie is loving this and little Michelle has a stuck up attitude and is a little preppy twerk! So Kasie shows her what she is all about with some awesome wrestling take downs, lifts n carries, wrestling holds and just plain old Female Domination!

Kasie is really getting into her domination of this little girl in the cage. Watch her throw her around the cage, put her into wrestling holds that are impossible to get out of, slam this poor thing upside the cage and kick into her, put her in camel clutch and then start stripping clothes off her for further humiliation! There is non stop girl/girl action between Amazon vs Small Girl that will really entertain you!!

Watch the grande finale of Female Muscle Domination on a small little snotty girl in the cage with Kasie Cavanaugh. Kasie continues to humiliate this little girl . . . lifting her up and then tossing her down to the mats, banging her up against the cage wall with kicks and punches to the belly, impossible wrestling holds on the mats to get out of but the surprising ending is amazing! You just have to watch How Kasie finishes off this little girl, then poses for her fans and walks off


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