Human Boy Toy put to Shame!



Ashley shows off her leg strength, by doing leg presses with their human boy toy.Kasie throws boy toy on her back, Ashley grabs the paddle, and spanks away it stings and stings bad!! Thrown into a head scissor, to a fig 4 by MS A, Kasie throws kicks to the stomach, some side kicks to the gut. Shoves her foot up his nose and makes him smell it, grabs his nose with her muscle toes. Kicks to the groin, No pain no gain, Kasie just taunts him! So much action. Foot stomps to the gut, Belly punches, Ball grabbing. Double scissor each girl squeezes one head one body! Kasie shoves his face up her ass upside down, and fig 4s it and shows off for Ashley. and does push ups while his head is crammed up her ass!

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