Kasie vs. Brigita



Brigita threatens to beat the shit out of Kasie. Brigita ripped and ready for her upcoming contest and Kasie carrying the size in the off season. Which will prevail size? or conditioning?
Screams from KC as she is squeezed in Brigitas head scissor. Kasie gets her in a full nelson with her legs, B’s not giving, KC goes for the choke…. B gets top position, elbows to the ribs. Two tough girls neither willing to give. Brigita’s scissors are killers!! Pinned and pounced upon Kasie takes a beating
It’s round two, Brigita is one up, Kasie’s up for the challenge, for she must hold her record of being undefeated by another female. Bad girl Brigita is tangled up in Kasie’s body scissors/full nelson. Kasie school girl pins her down though Brigita’s bulging biceps put up a strong fight. KC flexes her power….heheheeeee The sweat, beneath her feet…. the victory pose for round 2
Round 3, Kasie to put Brigita in her place, drags her by her hair back onto the mat. Picks her up and Bear Hugs her between Kasie powerful arms. Brigita’s beautiful face bulges out from Kasie’s powerful thighs… give up, never! The scissor exchange,
The battle gets intense… the girls are wound tight and going strong! There will be a winner! Scissored, Pinned, and humiliated. The knockout! the draw!


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  1. oakley

    yes,I like it.

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