The two super hero women fight over Captain America



The two super hero women fight over Captain America. Its Wonder Woman Kasie vs. Muscle Beauty Flexing their powers in front of each other, throwing kicks, punches, elbows, the two battle it out as they fight over Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Kasie gives kisses to him. Muscle Beauty gets pissed and punches and smothers Kasie.They fight over him, they scissor him. Kasie puts him high up in her crotch and tightens those thighs!Its a love / hate relationship these two girls are having! Deciding they don’t need him, they would be better off without him and a stronger team together. Captain America is out the door. Kasie admires MBs strength & biceps I want to run my tongue up your veins & I am going to suck the power out of you.They continue to fight & and love on one another, the girls admire one another muscles with kisses. Or was it all a trick, MB crawls up on KC and pins her. They breathe heavy in their battle amongst each other. Or is it something else like admiration for one another?Tied, tickled, titty grabbing, and MB flexes KC in a naughty position

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