Tickle Revenge~ Squirm Kasie Squirm!



Ashley has been knocked out and tied up by strong arm Kasie, upon her awaking in a dazed and confused Kasie reminds her of her pay back, and begins tickling her relentlessly!! She begs Kasie to stop, so she does but only briefly to throw some belly punches her way, now back for the armpits her fingers go crazy in there..Shes squealing, Begging, Tickle and torture you, I can make you do what ever I want Kiss my bicep, another kiss as Kasie pops a flex!Kasie finds another sweet spot under Ashley butt cheeks and inner thigh her fingernails makes Ashley let out a scream that can make you shiver.A good swift kick to Kasie’s gut and then one to the face knocking Kasie out cold. Ashley struggles to free herself, then bounds together, both Kasie’s wrists and ankles.Ashley hops on top for tickle revenge neck and armpits, and forces Kasie to kiss her bicep. Squirm Kasie Squirm! Pay back sure feels good~!

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