Tickled & Tortured like Crazy!



Kasie wondering the dark and dreary streets of London finds herself captured, she awakes
up in a dark dungeon restrained by her wrists & ankles not knowing how she got there
and wonders why? Then enters the Black Masked Man… his fingers go up and they wiggle
as they come closer and closer to her body. They begin to slowly torture her rib cage as they
tickle her over and over. Kasie is laughing out of control , screaming and begging the masked
man to stop, but NO he is there to torture her like crazy. He moves down to her toes and
begins to stroke his fingers over the wrinkled soles of hers, first with his finger tips then with
a brush. “Stop, stop, stop….NO MORE Kasie begs”. Armpits beware here comes for here
comes more tickling, laughter, screams, torture, begging!!!

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