Tomiko over taken, carried off to be sold as a slave



Drooling at the mouth, Tomiko just lies limp….Kasie awakes her up for she wants more of her. Kasie just sold Tomiko as a sex slave and got Chump change only 500k. Kasie throws her over in a fireman’s carry walks like it’s no big deal with this bitch on her back, crotch in the air, panties exposed. Kasie messes with her all the while Tomiko whines! “Don’t you ever shut up?” As Tomiko lies there pass out Kasie makes her play with her boobies, rubs crotch, I have little titties and a wet pussy, Kasie makes a mockery of Tomiko, Makes her hit herself, Throws her over the shoulder for the last time and walks away to go trade the bitch off to the slave business.

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