Venetian Vixen

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Sneaky Tomiko is awaiting the art director of the Venetian, to present supposedly her campaign; this would be a big account.
Kasie storms on the scene just fuming…. Looking for her portfolio Accuses Tomiko of stealing it.
Kasie grabs her ponytail and drags her back to her room, pushes her through the door and onto the bed.
“Don’t you dare move”Kasie scrum mages through the desk but to no avail to find her work.
Approaches Tomiko…give me that portfolio. The women begin to fight over the portfolio. Tussling on the bed Kasie gets her in some grueling body scissors, camel clutches, full nelsons as Tomiko puts up a good fight.
Tomiko then rips off her business attire.. “Let’s take this to the floor” I will show you my martial arts background. The women strip down to their panties and bra and the battle continues on the floor. Tomiko makes her move with a serious body scissors, and her signature move “The Claw”, Kasie is being put to the test. The struggle continues.
Who will win? Who will get to present the ad campaign and seal the deal?


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