Woman’s Ultimate Fuck You



This is an instructional video for all you woman, who want to keep a man in check.

Ok Ladies you’ll need a partner willing or unwilling it doesn’t matter. As far as a motive you don’t really need one, let’s say his mouth is just running…………………… kicks, strikes, punches gets him to the ground. Once you have him down the fun really begins. Painful as hell and humiliating too, which is nice. Remember you are working on the pain – pleasure principal, what is painful for him is pleasure for you.

Scissors are some of the best way for a woman to subdue a man, your legs are stronger then his arms, good for wearing him down. Scoop up the back of his head and get it high, tight in your crotch your adductors really clamp down on his carotid arteries weakening him. This is a great time for him to get to know our backside, make him say nice things to it, have him beg your ass for mercy

How to tame your man… there’s a saying “if you control the mouth you control the man” You’ve hot our victim down and subdues, you’ve scissored him senseless and now you want to reap the rewards of victory.

Leap on up & take a seat on your throne. It’s time for the schoolgirl pin. Make sure his arms are pinned under your shins, I just love the look of a man’s face framed between my thighs, Move on up to secure your crotch under his chin. This gives him max pain & you max pleasure, put your hands on your hips & lightly pump. Use your pelvis to flatten his head to the ground. Develop a rhythm. You can accentuate your point with your pump. It’s a great way to instruct, humiliate, discipline someone. Plus the pump really heats you up

It’s time for the coup de grace, the facesit. It’s every woman’s ultimate “FUCK YOU” to the man she wants to put in place. Just slide on up and find his mouth and nose, it’s no longer belongs to him, you own it. Start slow build speed, pull it back then speed up again. Put your clit on his nose, there is nothing he can do about it. If he protests remind him of your scissors. Quickly spin around for the reverse facesit, the back of your pussy can seal his mouth while your asshole finds his nose, now settle in and grind away. Pound him!!

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